RL got a bit difficult recently, so naked explorer is taking a break… will be back soon, i hope!

poking the chief mole

latest news: a couple of days ago i filed two support tickets suggesting new rezz zones: one in Shell Beach, in the center of the north coast, and another one in the Nines sim at Ursula Bay. this was after reading an old request by the moles, asking for suggestions and reports of things that need fixing. today the big mole chief, Michael Linden, replied to both suggestions telling me they were added! so now naked sailors and other explorers of the Zindra seas can make use of this two new rezz zones. he even added some beach chairs, surf boards, and a box of camping supplies at Nines! the new zones are located at Shell Beach (80, 54, 24) and Nines (224, 240, 20). enjoy!

nude glamour in the heart of zindra

i invited a good friend, who is a gorgeous sl model, to do something special for the first full sim exploration in my journey. after some hesitation —she knows who she’s dealing with— she accepted, so here, for your viewing pleasure, i present you some glamour au naturel in the heart of Zindra!

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the haunted mall

as i mentioned in the region overview, it is a really amazing build by the moles, specially at night, reminiscent of the safe hubs found elsewhere. after my experience at the Laffoon Reservoir i was interested in checking if there were any hidden surprises there (found one), and while exploring it i had an idea to make a little event of my first full region excursion!

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mosh south (‘zindra’)

since i first crashed on the Zindra Mall (literally!) i’ve always wondered why such a nice build is so empty: never a pixel soul there, the small shops all barren… chatting with Miss Ginette from the Zindra Expo group i found out there’s a long story about it, with politics and trolls and forum flames in it. the sim was originally called Zindra, which of course was a bit confusing for newcomers (oh it’s a sim… or a continent?), and was for some time a welcome area for new residents, which was apparently moved to the Safe Hub at Arapaima. there was for some time the intention of turning it into a public event space called Zindra Promenade, available to all residents. sadly this project was abandoned, so in the end the heart of zindra is a beautiful, but empty space!

wandering around Mosh South:

zindra expo

latest news: i joined the zindra expo group inworld, which works in lots of things besides the expo itself: promoting the continent and its business, organizing events, and mentoring Zindra residents. chatted for a while with Miss Ginette Pinazzo (a.k.a. Boot Goddess Gina) about adding the less naughty pictures from this blog to the official Zindra slideshow inworld, and about the possibility to set up an exhibition at the new Zindra Photo Gallery! you can find more information about the group, and about Boot Goddess Gina’s Future Femdom place, in my new ‘friends’ listing on the right sidebar.

the last waters

a bit sad after having enjoyed sailing so much, i sat on my gridspace and started to plan the next phase of my adventures, when suddenly looking at the map i realized there were a lot more waterways to explore! i snapped out of trance immediately, turned off the Windlight Torleynator, and went straight to the docks at Arawak, hoping lady Lætitia wasn’t hungry!

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