naked sailor

i was sailing with a friend yesterday, and realized a boat would be a nice way to travel around the Zindra Seas, so i found a rezz zone near the sea, rezzed the boat i had in my inventory, and went sailing, naked, of course!

it was a fine day for sailing, and on this boat it’s quite easy, so i stashed the few clothes i was wearing in the cabin and raised the sails! turned to starboard to travel along the north coast of Kama City.

most of the coast is protected land and looks quite nice, if a bit empty. i took a short break to sunbathe for a while after finding a sunken submarine —it’s amazing the things people will dump on the sea!—, and then continued until i reached the end of the Kama City coast, where my boat got stuck in a ban line. my intention was to find a place to rezz a new boat, and the first public-looking dock i saw was at a place called “Arawak Caniba”. the restaurant looked quite nice, so took a note to come back for lunch some day, and was about to go sailing again when i felt two strong hands grab me from behind!

i tried to fight back… just a bit, to make things interesting. in the end Gaby69 dragged me to a hidden dungeon under the small island, where he raped me on a dirty matress inside a small cell and left me there, shaking!

i took a short break to compose myself, and then messaged my friend Tiya to invite her for some night sailing around the northwest sea.

we wandered around the open Zindra seas. chatted, relaxed for a while, and went sailing into the sunset… where we found a place we both knew!

i’m sure at some point you have been sent by the gods of SL to a so-called “Safe Hub”, one of those places that look really great (Linden moles are fantastic builders!) but are filled with noobs and biters and be-my-friend spammers. now what is one of those places doing at world’s end, in the middle of the sea? i have to admit it did look quite impressive at night.

that’s all for today’s adventures, hope you join me tomorrow to see what happened when i went back to the restaurant, for lunch… it was a tasty experience!


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