sailing, driving, riding… you need something to sail, to drive, to ride —my favorites are ponygirls and sailboats—, and you need a place where you can bring your vehicle into the world, somewhere you can ‘rezz’. for reasons like griefing, privacy and such most parcels don’t allow to rezz objects, so when travelling you need to start, or continue, in the case of a break or a crash, from some area where it is enabled.

during my travels i’m collecting references to this ‘rezz zones’ as the moles call them*, and even suggested a couple of  new ones to the LDPW. the list is not exhaustive, and only contains places that look like they are somewhat permanent. if you find a mistake, or know about other places, please contact me!

Seaside Rezz Zones:

  1. Arawak Caniba, Crayfish (Laetitia).
  2. Ema, Morgarsen (Emanuelle Loire).
  3. Mullenax Rez Zone, Mullenax (Governor Linden).
  4. North Shore Rezz Zone, Shell Beach (Governor Linden).
  5. Philsen Islands, Philsen (Ecstasy/ᴇric).
  6. Rebbie’s RLV Gadgets and More Store, Wendersley (Casa Creators and Users/Liquor).
  7. Teqniq, Broadwater (Quie Labs/Qie Niangao).
  8. Ursula Bay Rezz Zone, Nines (Governor Linden).
  9. Ursula Bay Yatch Club, Villareal (The Crazy Bitch/luv2 Brandi).

Riverside Rezz Zones:

  1. Ariane’s Riverside Bar, Destonia (Ariane).
  2. Ursula Bay Yatch Club, Villareal (The Crazy Bitch/luv2 Brandi).
  3. Zindra Mall, Mosh South (Governor Linden).
  4. Zindra River Rez Zone, Leonards Field (Governor Linden).

Roadside Rezz Zones:

  1. Teqniq, Broadwater (Quie Labs/Qie Niangao).

the names indicated after the sim are those of the generous group and/or owners of the parcels. thanking is free and will probably encourage them!

* ‘rezz zone’, ‘rez zone’, ‘rezz area’, ‘rez area’… i know i’m a bit anal —or maybe more than just a bit—, but this is so confusing!

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